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Company profile

POLTAVA DIAMOND TOOLS is a leading enterprise in Eastern Europe for the production of high-quality diamond tools for machine building, tooling, woodworking, glass working, stone working, construction and other companies

Since 1966 Poltava Diamond Plant was a plant for the synthesis of synthetic diamonds and the production of diamond tools.
In 2005, the company optimized its structure by separating the manufacture of diamond tools into a separate production enterprise.
So the PJSC “POLTAVA DIAMOND TOOLS» was appeared.

Today POLTAVA DIAMOND TOOLS produces more than 9000 items of instruments for working with tools and parts made of hard alloy, high-speed steels, various alloy steels, ceramic and porcelain tiles, glass, refractory materials, concrete, granite, marble, asphalt, precious stones, etc.
Thanks to the constant improvement of technologies, its own engineering and technological departments, testing laboratories, POLTAVA DIAMOND TOOLS can expand the range of products by 10% annually.

The production base of the enterprise consists of a modern machine tool park and annually enriched with new equipment of well-known world manufacturers – the German company Dr. Fritsch.

Geography of supplies

A wide variety and high quality of our products, minimum production time, as well as a wide network of distributors and official representatives in many countries allows us to supply our tools to customers in more than 40 countries around the world.

Diamond tools and advanced technology

The presence of our own research and production base and high-quality technologists give us an opportunity to constantly improve the technical characteristics of the produced tools and master the release of new advanced types of products.

In 2012, the company approved the production of high-performance tools for CNC machines of the PREMIUM class for the manufacture of metal cutting tools and sharpening of saw blades.
In 2018, the serial production of diamond dressing rollers for abrasive wheels in the production of bearings, crankshafts, turbine blades, and gears was begun.

Also in 2018, the production of a wide range of tools for construction and stone processing started. We have also mastered diamond cutting wheels 1A1R, 1A1RTurbo, 1A1RSS both for hand tools and for petrol cutters, floor saws and stationary equipment. We also produced segment drills for both professional and household use. All our tools are made on German equipment.
In 2019, the production of ceramic-bonded diamond and CBN grinding wheels for the machine-building industry began.